Installation of Flag Up - Mail In*

Flag Up - Mail In may be installed on almost all stand alone mailboxes of any size or style, where the door closes around the box. Not for mailboxes enclosed with brick, stucco, etc.

Tools needed for installation: Screwdriver, Pliers or 11/32 Wrench and Drill (drill bit is included with package).

1. Insert the side of the bushing that has a raised lip around the hole on the long, flat side of the flag.

2. During this step make sure that the mailbox door is firmly closed and be careful not to drop the bushing. The flag must be placed on the top of the left flat side of the box as you face the mailbox door and immediately below where the mailbox begins to arch. Making sure that the mailbox door is completely closed, insert the flag tip under the lip of the door and push the flag as far forward as possible. The flag should be parallel to the bottom edge of the mailbox, and the bushing should be between the flag and the box.

3. Firmly holding the flag in this position, insert the enclosed drill bit through the predrilled hole in the flag and the bushing. Now drill a hole into the mailbox.

4. Insert the enclosed #8-32 bolt through the flag, bushing and then the mailbox. Open the mailbox door and secure the flag in place by tightening the enclosed 8x32 lock nut onto the enclosed bolt inside the mailbox.

installation-step 1

installation-step 2

installation-step 3

installation-step 4

Note: the specially designed bushing, when properly installed with the raised lip inserted into the flag, will prevent over tightening and allow the flag to swing freely.

Directions for use:

Holding the flag tip against the front of the box, close the door over the tip, or with the door closed simply swing the flag tip down and under the lip of the closed door. You are now ready for mail delivery. When the mail has been delivered the flag stands upright.

*Not responsible for improper installation

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See just how easy Flag Up - Mail In installs. Click play on the video demo below: